The Brief

In the economic downturn, many women have found themselves the main breadwinner in the family and this new situation calls for new social spaces for women, places for relaxation but also for networking. Our challenge is to develop a new promenade.

  1. To make the Malaguenos proud of their own culture and give them a sense of belonging
  2. Attempt to redeem itself  economically in the future by supporting each other to skill up
  3. Provide networking-on-the-go for the busy Malaguenos
  4. Eventually create a coexisting system between the tourists and the Malaguenos, such that they are not completely dependant on tourism alone.

The current work-life and networking structure:

  1.  ‘Conciliacion Familiar’ – reconciling work and family.
  2. Networks only benefit entrepreneurs and professionals.
  3. Vicious cycle of daily routine
  4. More time with family yet causes stagnation of aspirations.





Online Presentation Link


Collaboration with

Aga Szypicyn – graphic design: Graphics and Experience Design

Alison Yi Qiu – Spatial Design

Sachiko Osawa- International Business, founder of Yami-chi art auction project

Vishanka Gandhi- Writing and digital marketing, Architecture


Xiaorui Shi – Exhibition Design

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