“Value Retail” specialises exclusively in the creation and operation of luxury outlet shopping destinations across the world. These villages, each with an individual character and architecture have helped refined the outlet shopping experience both for the shopper, as well as for the world’s leading trending brands.

In spring 2016, Value Retail will launch one of their most spectacular and luxuries villages to date in Shanghai. This new village called YiHaus.


The sophistication of contemporary material, science and technologies have led to increasingly connected relationships between our bodies and the environment around us. Not only is this technology enhancing the way we in which we work and develop as a society, but also informing what we wear, how we will look and the way in which we will navigate our everyday environments as individuals.

This project is not about creating a fantasy, but rather making tomorrow’s reality today.

Research Question

” Can Bodily natural processes transform what we wear? “

Considering that a worldwide energy crisis will be experienced by the majority of the population, alternative energies are indispensable for our living and development. We addressed this issue with a provocative interrogation about the future of fashion in this scenario.

What if technology could tap into our body to harvest the energy of its involuntary processes? Would these processes transform the materiality of fashion?

photo scene capture from video

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