Baby’s Adventure

Transforming message from baby to their parents ‘Baby’s Adventure’ provides an experience through which parents can perceive through their babies’ eyes. Scenes are created with props to engage the senses of the babies, in which parents can simultaneously experience through the curated environment. ‘Bear and Wolf’ coffee shop encourages parents to have ice- breaking chats […]

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Oct 2016
Giant aquarium in Tate modern,London

“The fish can point your attention to different parts of the architecture” by French artist Philippe Parreno

Floating inflatable fish appear occasionally in Anywhen, individually and in shoals. Free to follow the air currents of the Turbine Hall, they are a counterpart to an environment controlled through technology. The fish, drawn by the artist, include sardines and salmon, species that once inhabited the Thames, disappeared for decades, and now may be returning. Similarly precious and rare, the floating fish are part of the artwork.- Tate Modern


Yamamay Boudoir

Collaborate with Vittoria Lenzi, Sui Au, Shan Hsieh, Xiaorui Shi Brief The scope of this project is to produce an interior design concept for Yamamay’s stores(women underwear brand base in Italy) at airports. This concept will aim to translate the brand identity into a shopping environment, creating a distinctive store overarching identity and character while […]

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